Thursday, April 24, 2008

How are you doing so far?

I wanted to check on your experience this first week.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of activities? Have you been sitting in front of the screen for long hours? Have you had difficulties setting your Wiki page, composing your writing profile, commenting on this blog, reading assignments?

Or on the contrary ... so far, so good ... you have adapted quite well to the course activities and have figured out your way around unexpected difficulties. How did you do that?

Let us know by writing about it in the comment´s area of this post.


Zyrus said...

Everything been piece of cake so far, Not many hours on the computer, well at least not more than regular.

María Gabriela said...

I had been doing well, by now we are almost on week 3 and I have more work but I found this activities very interesting. So far I liked very much the brain activities.

Berta said...

Hi Zyrus and Ma. Gabriela,
You have been the fast trackers in the group, ha, ha. I am glad you are doing so well and I hope you find the activities every week helpful.
I´ll finally see you again next Tuesday.
Don´t worry if you are a bit behind. I am planning to have some down time during week 4 and probably see most of you in my office f2f to exchange ideas on your texts. How does that sound?;-)

Eduardo said...

I think the activities that we all have been doing so far are extremely useful. I have learn a lots of tips and advices on good writing, the parts of a sentences and paragragh development. What I found most interesting on week 2 assignments was the part of the "multiple intelligences" and "Frequently confused words". BTW I was able to turn the dancer in the opposite direction, ha ha.

Berta said...

Good job, Eduardo. I also can turn the dancer the opposite way but just when I use my peripheral vision. If I see it straight up, it always turns clock wise. I am glad you found the activities and materials to your satisfaction. See you tomorrow,