Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let´s get started with our sister classes

Some students in Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Kuwait, Romania and San Francisco are collaborating on line and would like us to be part of their international project.

We will soon record a presentation about Venezuela to be posted in the sister classes blog. We will be probably using a tool called Voicethread (if you come up with a better idea, let´s do it). Before recording our presentation, we will have to collaboratively write a script of what we would like to say. I propose we open a page where we can all write. We can either do it in the wiki or in googledocs. I have set up a gmail account for us I´ll give you the password in class or by mail, if you decide on this last choice.

If you would like to see what other groups have done so far, here are the posts of march and april. This is the presentation I particularly would like to base ours on. Any ideas, comments?
To get you started, go to this blog post , watch the presentation from Romania and then write a comment about it in the provided area. Don´t forget to mention your name and country.
Keep me posted on what you are doing, difficulties you may have faced, etc.


Eduardo said...

I just saw the two presentation of Romania and Brazil. It was very useful to see what can we do with the voicethread program. People from all over the world could make voice comments too!. It was very interesting to listen the pronuntiation of people that have learned English as a second language.
Additionally about our slide or video show of Venezuela, I think we have to write the script collectively, we are a small group so we can do that without any problem. Also about the topics that we have to focus on the Venezuela´s presentation I think that we have to talk about our beatiful beaches-Cata, Choroni, los Roques, etc-, mountains -pico bolivar- national parks-Medanos de Coro, Henry Pitier, Salto Angel-. And of course, about our rich and wide culture-beatiful women, baseball, petroleum, religious traditions etc. We have so much things to say! What do you think?

Berta said...

Hi Everyone,
As it was mentioned in class today, we will gather our thoughts here in order to plan our upcoming presentation using Voicethread

If you want to give it a try, our collective username is and the password is id5128.
I already created our identities and posted some of our photos.

Here is the possible lineup:
Jeanette - geography and weather
Samir - natural wonders
Ma. Gabriela - Caracas
Eduardo - cultural aspects
Gabriel - life/activities of young people

Zyrus and Sergio will have to come up with their own area.

You will write a brief script of no more than 5 lines (that will be hard!) and your rehearsed "mini-presentation" should be around a minute and a half long (altogether if there are 7-8 of you, that will come up to 7-11 minutes).

It was also decided that each one of you would select their photos.
There are some royalty-free photos at:

Please let the group know if you have any photos yourself or you have friends and family that can lend you some for this project.

If you think of a better way to keep in touch, let us know.

All the best, see you Thursday,

Berta said...

Ok, we are in week 4 already and we are about to create our presentation on Venezuela.
Eduardo, Ma. Gabriela, Sergio and Gabriel already have their scripts ready. Gabriel posted four pictures but has not recorded the script yet. María Gabriela posted her 5 pictures and already recorded her voice.

I hope the rest of you are getting ready to complete our project.

Please let me know if you have any problem or question. I will be here in my office next Thursday in case you want me to help you out.

Berta said...

This is what we have so far:

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Berta and students. I was so glad to see the voicethread my students created here in your blog.
This blog is great and this whole online course is an inspiration.

kindest regards from Brazil!


María Gabriela said...

We already have our voicethread almost finished, I had seen it and I like what we got. Eduardo´s and Gabriel pronunciation are very good (that´s what I think) and I liked the idea of putting 2 or more pictures in a single picture. I liked this activity, and I hope other people from other countries leave comments on it :)