Monday, May 26, 2008


One can feel trapped in open spaces, in a specific situation or even in a group, a "writing course" (ha, ha), and probably you may even feel trapped in your own house, city or country for numerous reasons. What do you think is the most critical aspect of being trapped with no way out? Keep it in mind when you write the comments to this blog post.

Watch the following video ( 7:17 min.) about something that happened in 1999. You may read more about this incident here.
Write briefly about your reactions and/or any other idea the video made you think of? What would you do in a similar situation? How do you think you would react? What surprised you the most?


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

I hate closed places. So the idea of being trapped scares me. I always leave the window open even in winter. Of course, I do not leave it completely open but I need to breathe a bit of fresh air.
The same happens when I travel by bus or car.
I don´t like big crowds either, I guess I feel trapped there, too.
And I prefer stairs to lifts, unless the place where I am going is on the 5 floor!
Hugs, Nelba

Berta said...

Thanks, Nelba, for your comment and for visiting us.

Students are now creating their personal blogs but very slowly and this class blog will have less activity than before. Our main space is the wiki which has served as our portal.
In my case, I am a bit claustrophobic and have to concentrate really hard when I am in closed spaces not to get desperate, I even have a hard time in small plains.
I have no idea what would have happened if I had been trapped in an elevator for 41 hours like this guy was!!!
Cheers, Berta

eduardofk said...

A disturbing episode in this man's life. I cannot imagine how would I react if I had been stuck on an elevator for almost two days. And the worse part to me was that the man didn´t have a watch! and he didn´t know how much time had passed. Terrible situation without any doubt.

María Gabriela said...

As I was commenting to the teacher last time we saw each other, I´m always complaining about traffic jams, and the subway, but never lived such an awful experience as this (of course that getting trapped in the subway would be awful too). I guess that we all complaint about things that we don´t like, but we don´t really understand that there are many other worse things that could happen to us, and that had happened to other people, what makes of sort of selfish.