Saturday, May 3, 2008

The writing process

Here are steps in the writing process, as illustrated by the writing team at Monash University in Australia.

Is it different from the one you read here. Were you aware of these steps? Have you followed some of them as you had written the assignments in this course? Which do you find most difficult (pre-writing, drafting/writing, revising, editing)? Do you follow a similar process when you are writing in Spanish? Do you ever write formally in Spanish? in English? What recommendations were useful to you and you will probably take into account?

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María Gabriela said...

I wasn´t aware of all of the different steps, but I think most of the times I do it in a similar way (excepting that I don´t make many drafts). I don´t usually follow those steps when I´m doing the assignments for this subject, but it would be a good idea to do so. I find more difficult to do the editing, sometimes I miss mistakes and left them in the finished version of the text. When I´m writing in Spanish I do follow this steps (when is formal) and in English I don´t use to write formally but if I have to then I shall use this steps. The recommendation I found more useful was that I should make several drafts, that way I will correct the mistakes I´d done before writing the final edition.

Berta said...

Yes, María Gabriela, very often we just write and do not make so many drafts. But I feel that to a certain extent, when we hand in a final text it has already undergone a bit of automatic revision on our part, especially if we have re-read it several times and have found a better way to say an idea here and there. Knowing that THESE steps are recommended by the experts can make us be more aware of them if we need them when writing a formal piece. ;-)

Gabriel said...

I was aware of these steps but not of all of them. Particularly when I have to write I don't follow all of that steps but when I have to write formally in Spanish I used almost all of them exept plan your time and I do not make many drafts, when I'm writing I need a lot of time and have grammatical errors in my final version, now I reconize that it's cause I neither don't do enought draft nor plan my time. I've never wrote formally in English, but if I have to do it I'm sure that I'll use the same steps that I used when I have to do it in Spanish. I'll try to plan my time and follow all of that steps in my next text and see what happens.
I admit that I'm one of the students that sometimes use wikipedia for support, after reading that I won't use it as source for my college work anymore. Dustin Wax wrote about a interesting trick that consist in proofread your paper backwards but I'm not sure about using it becouse I'll expend a lot of time using it.
Gabriel L

Zyrus said...

Well, while I'm completely aware of most of those steps to write formally, and I'd agree that most of them are in fact NEEDED, because unplanned stuff just doesn't works, I don't really follow them not all the time, I do recheck several times and re-read what I write though, albeit sometimes I miss things, and mistakes. But if I write something, then read then later one, like say one week or so, I can point out mistakes so easily, I'm not quite sure why this happens though.